Here at Perth Kid Shed we greatly value the health and safety of our participants and staff.  In light of the current state of affairs, we have had to make some slight changes to how we do things in the workshop. 

We will be reopening the workshop as of June 2nd but with a maximum of 3 children in each class.  We will also be running  smaller number of scheduled classes. 

The benches have all been moved so the children are the required 1.5m apart to adhere to social distancing rules.  At this time, we are only allowed a maximum of 3 children in the workshop at a time and so we ask that all parents and children remain outside the workshop during drop off and pick up.

Each child will be provided with a set of tools for each session that will be only used by them and all tools and benches will be thoroughly cleaned between classes.

Each child will be required to be logged in to the workshop at each session.  Your child's name and contact details for parents will be taken to ensure that if, for some reason there is a case of COVID, the Health Department can use the information for contact tracing.  Please be assured that this information will only be supplied to the Health Department if there is a case.  We do not give personal information to anyone else.

Whilst some people see the above measures as a little 'over the top' we ask you to help us ensure all the above is adhered to as it is a condition of our business reopening.

Whilst we understand you may still have concerns about your child's health during this time, please be assured we are doing everything possible to keep your children healthy and safe.  

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Tracey on 0449884252 or

Kind Regards


Tracey Laird